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Ahoy Monks. I need an algorithm, I just don't know which one. Here's my problem:

My problem is that cycles give my code indigestion, because I'm trying to evaluate the graph by looking through nodes in order (which is more-or-less random). When I find a case that's causing a cycle (i.e. an A node is linking through a B node back to A via the C link type) I go into the code for type A and apply a local fix. This usually means I create the ID for A early so that B can find it at the right point.

Obviously my solution isn't a good one. It takes time every time a new circular link condition pops up. It's also a ticking bomb since I have no confidence that I've really found them all.

This seems like a problem that should have a known comp-sci solution. Does anyone know it? Links to references are fine.