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This kid finished the project in record time but me and this other person would be maintaining it (the web person for the web aspect and me for the programming aspect), anyway this other person was skeptical because some of it was in .Net and some of it was in .asp and she didn't like that there wasn't any comments anywhere?

Now you got me going -- I feel your pain as well. If I don't like rubber-stamp reviews, I really don't like it when management brings in "free" help. Any monkey can be really productive writing code with no design, comments, etc since banging out code is about 25% of what you need to do (if that). The project I mentioned in my previous post also had a case like this. They decided to let some folks half way around the world update a major server. These apes inserted comments in a foreign langauge, had huge indented sections of code with gargantuan variable names, bad memory leaks, and they just dropped it and the abyssmal documentation in our laps to support.

Now that I think about it, I think my life mirrors Dilbert...