Displays the Department of Homeland Security threat level, in color. This was just a little CGI I wrote to make a point. Note that I do not advocate parsing XML with regular expressions, except in trivial cases like this.

#! /usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use LWP::UserAgent; my $level = 'Unknown'; my %colors = ( 'Unknown' => '#808080', 'Low' => '#63cf63', 'Guarded' => '#009aff', 'Elevated' => '#ffcf00', 'High' => '#ff6500', 'Severe' => '#ff0000', ); my $userAgent = new LWP::UserAgent; my $request = new HTTP::Request GET => ' +etAdvisoryCondition'; my $response = $userAgent->request ($request); $level = ucfirst lc $1 if $response->is_success && $response->content =~ /CONDITION="([^"]*)"/; print qq{Content-type: text/html <html> <body style="background-color:$colors{$level}"> <h3 style="color:#000000">$level</h3> </body> </html> }; exit 0;

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