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Normally I would try to figure this out, but I'm in a hurry so burdened with work atm. (one big project with a impossible deadline, 2 "can you please tweak that script to do x instead of y, can't be much" (but is), and i'm in charge to do the hardware operators work as long he is in holliday (which means running around cleaning printers ans stuff) And so i have to ask for assistance.

I have data in a table that looks like this:

1. digit
1Darth Vader
3Luke Skywalker
5Obi Wan Kenobi
2. digit
9Rocket launcher
3./4. digit

what boils down to this data structure.
@data = ( [ [1, "Darth Vader"], [3, "Luke Skywalker"], [5, "Obi Wan Kenobi"], ],[ [0, "Lighsabre "], [5, "Blaster"], [9, "Rocket launcher"], ],[ [10, "Dagobah"], [14, "Kashyyyk"], ], );
Now I need to shuffle this until I get the data in the form:
1010\tDarth Vader, Lightsabre, Dagobah 1510\tDarth Vader, Blaster, Dagobah .... 5914\tObi Wan Kenobi, Rocket Launcher, Kashyyyk
So I can put that stuff into two fields of a database.

holli, /regexed monk/