After writing Spiro Japh, I wished I had thought to use color.  But when ikegami very kindly pointed out to me the existence of the excellent Win32::Console::ANSI module, I created Spiro Japh 2, which works colorfully in both Linux and Windows ...

(You will need to install the Win32::Console::ANSI module to run it under Windows)

#!/usr/bin/perl -w -w -w -w -w eval{ require Win32::Console::ANSI; };sub ::{printf @_ } sub sub{ rand 39/999} sub O123 {:: "" ."\e[%d" .";%dH%s" ,@_ ;}; sub l234 {O123 $|= 1 ,1, "\e[J"} while(1) { $c or do {::"\e[1" ."". "" .";%dm", 30+ rand 7 ; l234;$u=&sub ;$v = &sub ;$ c= 3999 ;$b=qw /19 9 1/[int rand 3 ]};O123 11*sin( $v* $c)+ 13,39*cos ($u*$c)+41, qw+J A P H+[$c%4] ;($a++%$b)or$c--;}

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