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Perhaps there is something else going on, try running it from the command line rather than calling it from the browser. I'll be changing the interface to be all named parameters rather than positional parameters but here's what is happening currently:
sub run { my( $self, $cfg, @query_params ) = @_; my $liveGrid = $self->new( %$cfg ); my $db_table = $liveGrid->query_database( @query_params ); # ... }
So it expects to be called like this:
DBIx::LiveGrid->run( \%cfg, $dbh, $table, \@fields, \@where );
The first parameter "$self" is "DBX::LiveGrid".

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Re^3: RFC : AJAX + DBI = DBIx::LiveGrid
by Anonymous Monk on Sep 21, 2005 at 21:25 UTC
    Yes, that is what I meant. We need to add \%cfg to the following statement in the documentation: DBIx::LiveGrid->run( $dbh, $table, \@fields, \@where );
      Ooops, you're completely correct, sorry. The docs should say
      DBIx::LiveGrid->run( \%cfg, $dbh, $table, \@fields, \@where );
      But as I say, I'll be changing that to be all named parameters to avoid this kind of problem. P.S. /msg me your name and email if you'd like me to thank you in the Changes log for the distribution, I really appreciate these kinds of reports.