Hopefully you haven't noticed, but the internals of the XML feeds have changed. They have been refactored into a new design that hopefully is easier to maintain and work with, as well being more efficient.

The main observable change is that the contents of the INFO tag is now along the same lines as the other tickers. However there are deeper changes.

* That last bit, the 'modern' output style, is a new format entirely. It uses GMT based timestamps only, includes parsed and unparsed content, and uses both elements and attributes. Its intended to be used by tools using proper XML parsers. Anyway, its layout is entirely up to discussion and change, as its so new that we can do anything. I really look forward to hearing what client authors have to say. Here is a sample. (Newlines in the info tag added for legibility)

<chatter> <info site="" sitename="Perl Monks" ticker_id="15834" gentimeGMT="2005-11-06 23:35:35" xmlstyle="clean,modern" xmlmaker="XML::Fling 1.001" >Rendered by the Chatterbox XML Ticker</info> <message id="542068699" gmtime="2005-11-06 23:39:17" unixtime="1131320 +357"> <author user_id="108447">demerphq</author> <text>[id://108447]</text> <parsed>&lt;a href="?node_id=108447"&gt;demerphq&lt;/a&gt;&lt;!-- --&g +t;</parsed> </message> </chatter>

Update: atcroft helpfully pointed out that there is no need for a way to override your ignore list.