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I tried doing a search here for session ID information and I was either searching the wrong string or there isn't anything here.

I have a page that has paypal add to cart buttons and I need a way to force them to add a SHIPPING cost to it, too. There's no way to do what I want with just these buttons so I need to setup a small cart that holds all data on my server until it's finally calculated and one paypal button is created.

I have an HTML page that is using .shtml pages already for header and footer files so I figure I can add the perl script for the sessions to the header of all of my pages?

It will be a very simple cart, it won't do anything but hold product quantity, price and description. I just need information on session ids, what modules to use, if I can do it with all of my pages with .shtml and any other information you have on it. Perhaps a good intro tutorial that has examples?

Thanks for all your help!