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Note: on Windows. . . I don't use dbm's extensively, but it does come up. . .
perl -e "use SDBM_File;use Fcntl;tie %h, 'SDBM_File', 'H:\dbm\mydbmfil +e', O_RDWR, 0600;for (sort keys %h){print \"$_=$h{$_}\n\";}"
H:\>perl -e "use SDBM_File;use Fcntl;tie %h, 'SDBM_File', 'H:\dbm\mydb +mfile', O_RDWR, 0600;map {print \"$_=$h{$_}\n\";} sort keys %h;"
I may eventually put one of these into a script, I guess, but it's kind of short. I use a similar sort of technique for some other small manipulations (such as when I want to change the value of one key or something).

They're also the first one liners I've really used besides ultra-simple ones like perl -v.