in reply to Yet another module installation issue

CGI::Session has interfaces to several storage mechanisms. From your Failed Test summary it appears that the only store your tests had trouble with is the DB_File store.

CGI::Application::Plugin::Session uses the File store by default. Your tests that test the File store seem okay. What I would do if I were you would be to go ahead and make install CGI::Session and then make test C::A::P::Session and see what happens. Chances are they will pass.

I did a short article on the C::A wiki that shows a standalone app using C::A::P::Session at Use that as your final test.

Indeed, I just had a look in my .cpan/build/CGI-Session-3.95 from when I installed mine and I did a make test and some of the tests failed, but the tests on my session plugin ran fine (I've been using C::A::P::Session in production for a while now). This tells me that the only time I will need to worry about the failed tests, then, is when/if I want to use the session stores that CGI::Session couldn't make test

As far as the install process being more reliable, I'd say it is about as reliable as it can get. The module didn't install itself in an unusable state, and gave us some pretty good clues on what needs to be looked at.