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Are you given ABCD or are you given the position and length (or start and end) of the substring? Can the * and !'s occur anywhere? You should give a before and after sample. Something like this:


Want to print:

10 characters added XXXXXXABCD**!!!***!*XX*!!!XXX**XXX

The following code may be a good starting point:

use strict; use warnings; my $match = 'ABCD'; while (<DATA>) { my $org = $_; defined (my $mutated = <DATA>) or die "Missing edited line"; my $segment = substr $mutated, 0, index ($mutated, substr $match, 3, + 1) + 1; my $suffix = substr $mutated, index ($mutated, substr $match, 3, 1) ++ 1; (my $pInsert = $segment) =~ tr/*!//cd; (my $pSegment = $segment) =~ tr/*!//d; print length ($pInsert) . " characters added\n"; print "$pSegment$pInsert$suffix\n"; } __DATA__ XXXXXXABCDXXXXXXXX XX**XXX!!!X**AB*!C*DXX*!!!XXX**XXX

Note that some error checking should be added and that there are a few assumptions about the match string and what the X sequences can actually contain.

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