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beware before!

Yesterday i found an amusing little routine to do decimal to binary (not the same drek everyone did in school as i understand it). So i converted it to perl and felt like posting it. Unfortunately i may have messed up something, so if someone (like maybe IO) could tell me if i did or not that would be sweet.

sub dec2bin { my $num = shift; my @num; my $i = 0; (push @num, (($num & 2**$i) == 2**$i) ? 1 : 0) and $i++ until (2**$ +i > $num); return 0 + join '', reverse @num; }
It is completely untested, but it should work (as if that's any boon to a programmer)


update: changed the $n to $num on line 5 according to IO's suggestion (thank you).