This works with Perl v5.8.8 without any compile error. But no script output. :( Its a little bit radical against PHP, but well, its only for fun. Dont take it too serious :)
#!/usr/bin/perl my $nation; no warnings; goto hell or die 'PHP!!11'; $nation; BEGIN { our $mission and kill if PHP } use constant { Perl, 'Programming', all, time }; require abs Perl and not undef$ined; sub knowledges {}; hell: warn if PHP and not Perl; heaven: do index all, knowledges if not Perl and not try { require PHP if defined }; require Switch and delete $evil{PHP}; Oh_Yes: do { PHP => Perl } for all, time; ref (our $best), knowledges() and listen Perl,power; END { our $mission and return if all }# is done bless [qw/the holy folk of/], Perl for (local $happiness); __END__ (C) 2006 by Paul C. Buetow (