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I've been playing with Activestate's latest release, and I'm very impressed with the guied version of ppm. Snooping around in the source, it uses a package name Tkx. This is Gisle Aas's take on creating a Tk/Tcl interface. The end result is impressive: an application that has a true native look and feel about it. I want to know how easy it is to build something like it.

My question is, (and now that I think about it, it's not a really a Tkx question per se, but) are there any GUI builders around that let you drag widgets around the screen in a nice manner, and then spits out Perl stubs to flesh out the functionality? Bonus points for being able to round-trip the code through the designer and get it out again the other side, after having added or removed new widgets.

Other languages have these tools. Does Perl? I don't want to have to write 200 lines of method calls to build up my screen. That's so 20th century.

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