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Re^2: Converting common subroutines as a module
by markjugg (Curate) on Nov 01, 2006 at 19:04 UTC
    I second the CGI::Application recommendation. Through the website I linked to, you can find a list of a lot of plugins that are available, including some to Authentication and Authorization.

    I've been using this framework for years and have found it very helpful, and appropriate for all scales of projects.

      Thanks for the response. I will definitely look into CGI::Application for my website.

      I forgot to mention about an important aspect of my application. After authentication and path set-up, I also have some pages with non-cgi perl scripts( like reading data files to create data structures to be used in defining the UI). Presently, I have them as apart of the cgi script. Can I handle that portion as well using CGI::Application?