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A practical Pattern matching query seems to be catching me out.

I have a large text file (over a gig in size), each line has <CS_REFCLT>12526489</CS_REFCLT> in it some where. I would like to get at the number in between the tags but as the line is not fixed position I can't use substr to get at it. I have got around this by using split like below.
while (my $line = <SESAME>){ my ($tempa, $tempb) = split (/<CS_REFCLT>/,$line) my ($value, $tempc) = split (/<\/CS_REFCLT>/,$tempb); }
However, I'd like this also as a pattern match so that I can compare speeds and speed up the program, as I think a regular expression will be quicker.

Therefore a pattern match snippet of code for this would be much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance