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My file is comma delimited
about 50 lines of text
How often - for my initial purposes, to run and make it happen.
At the moment, due to the small file size, sort time is unimportant.
At some point, when I get to that stage, the sorted data will be reused.

I tried your code, and it seems quite simple, hence, efective, BUT
It runs with no errors, but nothing prints
Neither to the screen or to a file.

Thank you - I have read through various tutorials,
and sort and it's various ways of handling data,
i saw the Schwartzian Transform, but it made my brain hurt at this point in time..
remember, newbie here

and either I did not operate it right, or there is little on the simpler process, but super search did not turn up anything I could make sense of...

again, newbie, injured brain, etc, etc.