No, I'm not thinking about perl 6. I am thinking about a way of structuring all PM's knowledge in a clear and easy searchable way.

Perhaps, in a book. All full of references to other nodes and a text that would be able to connect it all. Or practically all.

I was thinking of using perl to learn how to explore any (new-to-the-user) operating system. I know that nearly all the same perl commands work in any platform. And that there are modules equivalent for every platform. So, following some simple steps, one should reach a point of understanding how it all works! As if they where recipes or using an ANY database...

For example, to learn by oneself how to use LINUX. So the book should be something like a tool to know how any operating system ticks. And to be able to translate our known ways of doing things in another OS into a new one.

Could we, for example, read it to learn how to use perl to do every Linux job, and then gradually start replacing the perl commands with other more specific Bash, or AWK Linux commands?

Later, it should be possible to do forensics of how the new OS reacts and how common problems should be fixed. So, perl could be used as a standard tool to explain how every OS (where perl works) behaves.

In other words, the book should asume that perl is a complete language for any known operating system. And even for network matters.

I would like to know if this is an original idea or if there are other books that do the same thing. Could it be done here to connect most of the existing nodes in a linear way? Does anybody envision a way of starting doing any part of this book?