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You know what'd cheer you up? Have a read up on Template::Toolkit or had a another skim through the llama. </sarcasm>

I think that telling someone "the problem has been solved" needs to happen each time someone goes to solve the problem, or you end up with oodles of modules that do the same thing, and folks suffering from NIH or other Anti-patterns

Even if you have given the same good adivce in the past to someone else (and are just re-hashing to someone new) it doesn't make the advice a less valuable part of learning perl for the newbie asking the question this time. Let's face it, the same question is asked on IRC over and over, and yet the person asking is always amazed by the answer, and generally keen to know learn more about which ever sensible or silly solution that is suggested.

Had merlyn, ovid or any of the fantastic folks on #perl gotten sick of telling newbies things, I'd have not stood a chance. You can only learn so much from reading a fantastic perl book, website, column, article or documentation and after that, you've got to learn ideas and mindsets from folks that know, and I feel that the community (like here) has taught me as much perl as the books have.

I'm quite young in the ways of perl, and so am happy to offer the "new" things I've learn to folks who will also find these things new and exciting. I know that chromatic or any of the Saints in our Book would find my praise of Latest::Module::I've::Found boring, and would find nothing new or interesting in a sig line like:

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