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Sorry, I've taken the "use warnings" line out. It's not a module, it's a pragma, and it only works in 5.6. Anyway, it wasn't really necessary, (as davorg says here), since I started out with #!/usr/bin/perl -w. Duh, I guess I just put it there in autopilot. Hope it works for you now!
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by tame1 (Pilgrim) on Feb 28, 2001 at 22:53 UTC
    I am coming across the problem now that when I answer a question,
    the program tells me I am wrong, no matter what I say.
    If I then use the ? to see the "right" answer, it's the same thing I answered!

    What does this little button do . .<Click>; "USER HAS SIGNED OFF FOR THE DAY"

      Hi tame1! I'm sorry this is happening. It is possible that you are having a problem because my Windoze machine has put different line feed characters in the program than your machine wants to use. I found that when I carried this over to my linux box, I had to run this one-liner to get it to work:

      perl -p -ibak -e 's/\015//g'

      This removed any funky characters which made the regex fail. Again, I'm really sorry that happened-- tell me if this fixes the problem (and if it doesn't, please tell me too!) Thanks. -zeno

        I am having the same problem, and the one-liner didn't fix it. Suggestions?