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Does XML::PYX and XML::Twig need XML::Parser(and thus expat)? I'm trying to get away from having folks need to compile that (which kinda breaks compiling though CPAN::shell).

But then, XML::PYX seems to use a similar engine that I'm using now.


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by mirod (Canon) on Mar 01, 2001 at 07:47 UTC

    All of the XML processing modules on CPAN are based on expat, including XML::Parser, XML::PYX, XML::Simple, XML::Twig and many more.

    I fail to see why it is such a problem. Yes it means you cannot install directly using CPAN. But it installs very easily under Unix and once again XML::Parser comes with Activestate's Windows port. I know CPAN is extremelly convenient but it is not the only valid method to install modules.

    If you want to do any serious XML processing you really need a proper parser. Using regexps is false laziness. It is akin to not using strict: good for a quick hack but a no-no for anything serious.

    Incidentally there are good reasons why expat is not bundled with XML::Parser anymore. It is used by other applications, Apache for example and bundling it lead to incompatibilities between the different versions and problems building them.