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I had problems with the MinGW installer you pointed to (5.0.3); but the latest one (5.1.3) worked o.k.

Oh ... I thought my link was to the latest available .... but apparently not. Can you send me the correct link(s) and I'll amend the post.

I encountered an error whilst dmaking a certain module

Which module ? I know I've seen that error, but that's about all I can recall about it.

The solution is to delete or rename Perl\site\lib\ActivePerl out of the way. The one in Perl\lib is newer ...

I don't quite follow. What exactly is it in Perl\lib that's "newer" ? Also Perl\site\lib\ActivePerl doesn't exist on build 819 (or 820).

I can't recall ever seeing any warnings or errors in relation to false - and I've never been asked to run dmake -S -s. (Do you have any further info on these aspects ?)

I think it would helpful if you'd mention what values you put in dmake's file (or any other files)

I've never put anything in dmake's file (or any other dmake files). All I ever do is place the startup directory and dmake.exe in the same location, and make sure that location is in the path. Perhaps that's what I should have said in my post - instead of referring to the dmake distro's Readme.txt ?

Thanks for taking the time to raise all of this, btw.