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True, but maintenance gets hard when they aren't evocative.

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Re^3: keywords versus variables
by BrowserUk (Patriarch) on Sep 06, 2007 at 14:53 UTC
    but maintenance gets hard when they aren't evocative.

    Not so.

    Did you ever see music annotated with: "This_is_the_second_demi_semi_quavar_in_the_third_bar_of_fifth_stanza" (*).

    Or a resistor on a circuit diagram annotated: "This_is_the_470_ohmm_resistor_that_impedance_matches_the_output_of_the_third_stage_amplification_to_the_fourth_stage_feed_back_loop". (**)

    (*)I've no idea if that makes sense, but a musician would.

    (**)Ditto; but an electronics engineer would.

    Short variable names in context are just as clear to the maintanence programmer, and often more so, than long, overly descriptive ones--if the programmer has familiarised themselves with the purpose of the routine of which they are a part.

    And if he hasn't, he should not be maintaining the code.

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