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Hello monks

I am thinking of publishing on CPAN a module, Html::MakeChm and its driving script, along these lines :

=head1 NAME HtmlMakeChm - make a chm help file with minimal fuss =head1 SYNOPSIS HtmlMakeChm --projdir=H:\perl\dev\MyModule\Html --projname=MyModuleH +elp HtmlMakeChm --help HtmlMakeChm --man =head1 DESCRIPTION HtmlMakeChm makes a chm help file with minimal fuss - just specify the + project directory and name. It will collect all .html files found in the project directory <projdi +r> and its subdirectories, and compile them into a ready-to-use "<projnam +e>.chm" file. =head1 Requirements You need the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop installed in "C:/Program Fil +es/HTML Help Workshop". Complete installation is not necessary, files "C:/Program Files/HTML H +elp Workshop/hhc.exe" and "C:/Program Files/HTML Help Workshop/itcc.dll" will suffice. =head1 How to use Prepare a collection of html files using any HTML editor or tool (e.g. + pod2html) and place them into the project directory and/or its subdirectories. The subdire +ctories if any will become branches in the Contents tree. Run this script from command line HtmlMakeChm --projdir=H:\perl\dev\MyModule\Html --projname=MyModul +eHelp When done, you will find the resulting file MyModuleHelp.chm in the pr +oject directory. =head2 Options =over 4 =item verbose Prints more info about processing. =item help Prints minimal help. =item man Prints the manual page. =item projdir Specifies the project directory (full path or path relative to current + directory). Place your html files here and in any subdirectories. =item projname Specifies the project name which becomes the name of chm help file. =back =head1 AUTHOR Rudi Farkas =head1 SEE ALSO perl(1). =cut
Would you recommend / not recommend publishing this module ? Would you want to use it ?

If some of you would volunteer for a peer review, please /msg me privately with your email address, and I will send you the distro zip file.