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Thank you a, one at a time:

Your first fix to temp didn't work for me, changing the || to "or" worked, but generated a warning about useless use in void context. The following works for me:

if(-d "/tmp"){$temp = "/tmp"} else {$temp = $ENV{TEMP}}
I'll take your advice about checking for uninitialized variables. I was being lazy.

I don't understand your next problem with array refs, and suspect it's related to the last problem you associate with outdated xml modules, but will include your fix to increase compatability.

$content is global because it's used in three subroutines.

Your final problem is troubling. I'd like to know which version of Expat to check for so i could throw a nicer warning with a link to the module on cpan.

ps - Thanks to OeufMayo for the cool xp progress patch.