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I have an application that uses catalyst and fastcgi on apache server. I am setting up a dev server to run the same way as live server. When i post a request to the live server I get a one output whereas when I post an xml to the dev server it returns the reponse for 6 times.

Now the difference in the message that I see in the live and dev, is dev shows in the response
Content-Length: 1305 17:45:16,037 [main] INFO CheckerClient : Content-Type: text/xml 17:45:16,037 [main] INFO CheckerClient : Set-Cookie: session=70fe2fee +8e5ceb5faa4187aa1f9ea1ba; path=/; expires=Thu, 11-Oct-2007 16:45:15 G +MT 17:45:16,037 [main] INFO CheckerClient : Status: 200 17:45:16,037 [main] INFO CheckerClient : X-Catalyst: 5.7010

So any one has any clue wat I should see to check this.

Note: When I post the XML from a sample perl code it returns the ouput only once.

And even if I have a disloague box and post the XML from a html page it returns output only once.

I am trying to post XML through a JUNIT script. Only then it returns the output 6 times. Whereas JUNIT script returns the output once when I post the XML on the live server.