in reply to Perl is dead

Its amazing how we can relate the life of a language through a website! How many other internet communities are there out there that revolve around a language? Just the fact that we can take usage stats off of this site to demonstrate how people use Perl in this day and age is incredible.

Would this mean that Perl will not become officially dead until this website reaches 0 users per day? I don't know. What would the requisites be for a dead language? Lisp has fooled us all with its death but is still lingering. Cobol and assembly have understandably come to an end. But even so not really. There is a large demand for legacy coders today. Even pre-standard C coders are needed.

I suppose it is fair to say that even dead languages are never really dead. Perhaps just reborn?

So therefor, Perl will never die. Just become reborn.