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Hi Folks,

I'm about to embark on the largest web application venture I've ever been exposed to and for a very reasonable amount of compensation. This project will include it all: terabytes of space to work with, multiple read/write databases, possible server clusters, and the necessity for scalability.

I'll be using a pre-existing software package to modify and create this large application, and will have a good deal of time to do it in.

My 4 questions are:

1. What do I need to know about large web applications written in perl using a mysql backend?

2. Where can I find resources on programming for server clusters? (web front end and mysql clusters)

3. What tools should I use for laying out the architecture of the project? (software architecture software, UML diagrams, etc.)

4. What other things am I going to need to take into consideration when I actually go to sit down and start coding this?

Grant me your wisdom those who have it.