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I assume you have read that node of mine that you keep linking to.

When I linked to that post I was thinking more of the thread that led to it in addition to its contents (i.e. the context of the post as well).

I've re-read it and I don't see where I encouraged massive downvoting of all past nodes because the XP loss will solve the problem.

You never did nor did you imply it. Nor did I imply it for that matter. I was just pointing out that based on the discussions in your thread several options or direct involvement from the gods were not from a legal standpoint in the best interests on the Monastery. What I was saying is that that left massive downvoting.

Personally I think the alleged plagiarism incident was a good example of a self-policing community. You can argue how effective it was or not but I think the results speak for themselves. Now the community will have to rely on the gods. Can you really call that a minor change? Would it have been too much to at least address that in your OP?

Personally, I agree with most of the points you have made and that the plagiarism incident is likely a good example of an exception that proves the rule. On the other hand, there is something to be said for the less formal community we have here and forcing the community to put pressure on the gods to deal with a similar incident in the future feels like a fundamental change to the community. I guess I just wish we were at least given an opportunity to discuss it.

Anyway, I appreciate that you took the time to respond to my posts. Have a happy Thanksgiving!