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If you used HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath it would be even more powerful.
Not for me; I don't know how to write an xpath expression.

Seriously, I think it's really interesting how we seem to have completely different outlooks on this. I was worried that the program was already excessively general and overfeaturized. I've only used it once, to extract titles, and I was considering getting rid of the command-line argument, downgrading it to a program that does nothing but extract titles. Meanwhile you, who have used it even less than I have, want to enhance it to to all sorts of other stuff.

Maybe you have some application in mind for some of that fancy stuff, but you didn't say you did, and you didn't give an example, so I wonder what value you see in enhancing the features of a program that already has way more features than have ever been used.

Please take this as a serious question, not as rhetoric.