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If up-voted your post for drawing attention to some good points.

But wait...

The XP 'game' we play here is taken entirely too seriously by half and needs to be played DOWN, not played UP.


So no more --'s from me for now on.

Er, what? Aren't you taking this game way too serious here?

Not downvoting a troll's post is good. The Right Thing To Do is ignoring them.

It's a shame. This site has been a useful Seat of Learning for so long. I would hate to see it ruined by artificially induced politics.

A game is a game is a game. This site won't be ruined just because a playful nature is tweaking the rules to make the game more interesting. There are way too much witty people here, way too much interesting content, and PerlMonks is well established as a resource of thoughtful code considering and help with all things perl.


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