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I am seeing a very odd behavior with ActivePerl 5.8.8 build 822, however I don't think it's specific to this build as I've seen similar problems in the past. It is however a Windows thing.

The problem I'm having is for no readily apparent reason, a subroutine call is being skipped over. In this instance it is File::Copy::Recursive::pathempty, but I've also seen this happen in other modules. It is only happening on one of a dozen identical systems.

I first noticed a problem when one of our in-house tools was throwing a lot of errors while using File::Copy::Recursive. I wrote a 2 line script to call pathrm on an explicitly specified path. I stepped into pathrm in the debugger, and when it called pathempty I tried to step into that, but it just skipped over the line. I put a print statement in pathempty and ran my script from the command line and it never printed.

I tried reinstalling perl, with no change. Can anyone offer a pointer of what else to look at, or an explanation of why this happens ?