I know some of you will say it was a stupid idea to start writing it. This post is not for you.

It is for those who would like to have a cross platform, open source, easily extendable editor with integrated pod viewer, built-in refactoring tools and graphical debugger written in Perl.

I have started to write one and once it has a minimal set of feature I might be able to bribe Adam Kennedy to add it to Chocolate Perl.

So I am going to release the first version really soon but I'd like to have a name for it.

So this is a call for ideas on how to call it?

Please post your ideas here or in your blog and then send a link to me so I can link from my blog to the ideas.

If your suggestion is chosen I am going to buy you any of the books listed on or I can get you a an entrance ticket to one of the YAPCs or OSDCs.


Thanks for all the suggestions.

Padre released