in reply to The fickleness of Reputation

I chuckled when I read this node. My claim to fame is being the most Perl illiterate monk here. My opinion of perl monks is that it is a community where people can get together and learn/exchange ideas regarding Perl and factors affecting its use. This site does use a reputation/experience point method for kicks. Personally, I don't think that much of the whole rep issue, although i don't know how I would act if i ever got a lot of -- votes. I do look in the chatter box at people ranked above/under me and look at their home nodes.

Some of the members here merlyn, davorg and others here that I am forgetting, have written many publications that I have read and learned a lot from. Others have written stuff on their home nodes that intrigues me, make me look for stuff they post here.
As far as the node you posted, regarding finding a very eloquent solution to a math problem, I really don't have much background in math, don't think I will ever need such a solution, so I apologize for glancing over it. When I look for nodes to vote on, I look for an interesting subject, does the node appear to have something in it that interests me, something I may need to hack together one day? If so, I will probably read it. Unfortunately I wish I had the time to read every posting here, realistically, I may get an hour or so daily to do so. Don't take a low node as personal affront, it probably means you have written above the community's head, in theory if I understood your code, I would probably would have voted on it. If you had been down voted, then yes, I would see your point.