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Brethern and cistern, I petition you. My forehead is much flatter than it was and my monitor is cracked.

I have an object where $self->things is an array. I would like to fill XXXXXXX in the code below with the name of the current $self->things and then do a query on each things name.

{ my $self = shift; my $slobbo = "select * from bleh where whatever = "; my $connection = $self->connection; foreach ($self->things) { my $name = new thang($_); my $thangsname = XXXXXXX my $sth = $connection->connection->prepare( $slobbo.$thangsname ); } }

I have tried everything that I can think of. I have used tye's References Quick Reference, which I found wonderfully enlightening. Every time I try to view that concatenated SQL query, the name of thing is missing.

Please help.