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"Check the dates"

What are you talking about? Did you read my post? If so you clearly don't understand what you read.

"That was your first answer to me at this thread"

No, that is an extract from my first reply to you in this thread, you've left out the rest to better support your feeling that I am in some way attacking you. Regardless I stand by the extract you have quoted, IMHO you need to make more effort in posting (see Re: Error in insertion of MULTIPLE FILENAMES & CONTENTS INTO DATABASE) and actually taking the advice you are given as from experience I know you often ignore it (see Re: Separate Javascipt code from pure Perl code).

"And if it was so easy to find on my own then you wouldn't have trouble identifying too."

One of the reasons I think your threads end up so long, with some many replies is that people have to pry information from you in order to better help you. Many monks have pointed you towards How do I post a question effectively? in the past.

I don't think I understand what you mean in a lot of this post, it doesn't make much sense in English, I appreciate that it isn't your first language.

"*that* wasn't very respectfull and not what i said after i got frustrated at some point cause i had this accusasation and "loads of fun" stuff."

I've no idea what this means at all, what does my first post have to do with something ikegami said hours later? If you get frustrated with something, perhaps you should walk away and do something else for a short time, read a book, listen to music or go for a walk. If something gets to the point where it upsets you, it often works wonders for your health and in solving the problem at hand to take a break and forget about it for a while.