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Greetings, fellow Monks:

I have been a longtime ActivePerl user on Windows, but have recently heard many good things about Strawberry Perl, so I decided to give it a whirl. Unfortunately, I hit a snag very early on and humbly request your assistance.

Specifically, I installed Strawberry Perl (strawberry-perl- on a freshly installed XP (w/ SP3) test machine. I noticed that the libwin32 bundle that normally is included in the ActivePerl install is not included by default in Strawberry, so I fired up cpan to rectify that.

A 'get Bundle::libwin32' later, I got some of the modules, but then I received about 5 errors, all stating: prerequisite moduleFindBin not known.

I'm not sure what to make of this. I queried (cpan> i /FindBin/) and it returned FindBin::Real and FindBin::libs. My questions are:
1. Do either of these satisfy the dependency I'm missing?
2. How can I find out specifically which module needs FindBin? The cpan output was only what I pasted above -- nothing more informative.
3. Will I regret switching? :)