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My humble greetings, fellow monks.

Is there a Model-View-ViewModel or Model-View-Presenter framework for Perl? I noticed that there are some Model-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks for web-based applications and was curious if there are any existing MVVM or MVP frameworks for desktop GUIs in Perl.

The backstory: Having never actually done any GUI programming before, I have been working on a pet project that involves using a database and writing a frontend to access it. I went out and read Database Designs for Mere Mortals and have (I hope) a decent database design that I've built using SQLite.

I've also created a nice mockup of the user interface via Balsamiq's Mockups. Asking around on StackOverflow for some general programming guidance brought me to consider using MVP or MVVM as a pattern for how to build my app. However, googling for "perl mvp" or "perl mvvm" doesn't seem to yield positive results; unlike "perl mvc" which shows Catalyst and Jifty, but I'm not looking to create a web-based application.

Thus, I humbly ask the Monastery for your guidance before I recreate the wheel. I realize that would benefit me in the long run, but I wish to defer that learning experience until another day.