I was just thinking about certain posts and how while some are worthy of every ++ they get, there are occasions I see a post that is worthwhile, but I don't think that they are that worthwhile. So here's my idea

Instead of one ++, perhaps several buttons with a rep choice broken down to either 5 or 10 rep points. Like so:

• ++ • ++ < 0 • ++ < 10 • ++ < 20 • ++ < 30 • ++ < 40 • ++ < 50 • -- • +=0

Just imagine those are radio buttons and not just a mock-up. Some concerns:

  • It's not very selective with leaps of 10 rep
    It's a suggestion at this point. I'm not very GUI orriented and I'm sure someone has a better idea.

  • Doesn't scale
    True, but I'm not sure if people really want to 23, 17, or 42 as the rep number. 0 is there for rescuing trashed nodes that really don't deserve to be negative, IYO.

  • So where does the vote go?
    I'm thinking that you still get your possible bonuses for voting and if the cap has already been reached you at least get the chance of seeing what the rep is.

  • Do we really need this
    Not really, I'm just throwing more work at fearless leader, but this may spark off a better idea.