Downvoting people seems popular. It's not that nodes are downvoted, no, people are being downvoted. merlyn has spent considerable time and effor trying to figure out who it was that kept downvoting his nodes, which caused even more downvoting I think

I myself have been a 'victim' of this too, but frankly I don't care anymore. If people want to downvote my nodes, let them go ahead. Thanx to the reputer I see that when I say something on the CB that other people don't like, or if I make a post that people don't agree with, they start downvoting all my nodes, especially the ones with low reputations. Very childisch if you ask me, but I let them...

What I'm really wondering is what motivates people to start downvoting random nodes. According to an Anonymous Monk who responded to pVoice, I deserved being downvoted because:
It may sound strange, but I don't think those are reasons to start downvoting at all. If I don't agree with a posting (the idea is bad my opinion in a discussion or meditation), if a posting attacks other monks unfairly in my opinion, if a question is being asked without showing any effort from the person who asks, in all these cases I can agree if people downvote it, but I can be wrong.

I wondered what are your considerations when you start downvoting nodes?
Oh yeah, if you downvote this node, please explain to me why. I really want to know!

Jouke Visser, Perl 'Adept'
Using Perl to help the disabled: pVoice and pStory