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Hello All,

I came across a post in a forum this evening. It talked about using several different perl modules for protecting scripts/modules against tampering. I wouldn't do this for anything I distribute to the world, but some scripts I custom make for a server could probably benefit from tampering eyes. Here is the post I came across:

There are 3 options of encrypting perl code: 1. Use PAR with PAR::Filter::Obfuscate or PAR::Filter::Crypto 2. Use Filter::Crypto::CryptFile (will require some modules installed +on target OS) 3. Turn into module and encrypt into Module::Crypt.

Can any Monk tell me if they recommend any of these modules? I tried Module::Crypt, but it aborted before completion without any details as to why. I completely understand I can't expect complete protection with these, but looking for something to prevent quick and easy tampering.

Thank you for your suggestions.