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Completely forgot how questions were organized on the site, so this is reposted from elsewhere.

I like Test::Pod::Coverage. I like Moose. I like to document all of my public interfaces, including attributes. But Test::Pod::Coverage doesn't seem to know about stuff like the attributes of my Moose objects. I want my pod tests to be really mean, and let me know when I forgot to document anything public.

Is there a way to test for documentation of Moose attributes, or must I let my own absent-minded conscience be my guide?

Update: In my excitement over having a Perl question, I forgot about that great resource called Google. A simple search led me to Pod::Coverage::Moose in about 0.1 seconds, compared to several minutes posting and reposting. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you.

Update Part 2 - The Next Generation As pointed out by Your Mother, not quite. Pod::Coverage::Moose a little buggy on the exact thing I was looking for. So maybe it wasn't such a bad question after all.