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In my case I have found that some devices return strange output, it is in case no mgmt IP is available in sh cdp nei detail (CSS11501), older IOS or different platform.
DB<69> p $_[0] DB<70> x $_[0] 0 "\c@\c@\c@\c@"
My dirty hack for that was just check for valid hex-like input
#if (substr($hex_ip,0,1) eq ""){ if ($hex_ip !~ m/0x.*/){ $ip = ""; }

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Re^4: Cisco SNMP CDP Poll
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 11, 2011 at 02:33 UTC
    is there a way to modify this script so that it will cycle through a list of choices to use for comminuty string on each device it is polling? Sorry I have no experience at coding, but this script is EXACTLY what I need. I am doing a discovery, I have a list of possible community strings though so i am stuck.