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Nice solution. There is room for improvement, though. No need for return, use that for filtering out empty items:
sub c {($a,$c)=@_;@c=@$c;grep$_,map{$a>$_? &{sub{$a-=$_*($b=int($a/$_));"$b x $_"}}:""} reverse @c}
Char-neutral, but leaving the grep out gains 7 chars.

You don't need the parens after the int, and leave out the spaces around the reverse. Gains you 4 char:

sub c{($a,$c)=@_;@c=@$c;grep$_,map{$a>$_? &{sub{$a-=$_*($b=int$a/$_);"$b x $_"}}:""}reverse@c}

"We are not alone"(FZ)

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Re: Re:{2} (Golf) Giving Change
by Trimbach (Curate) on Jun 12, 2001 at 15:24 UTC
    Ooooooooo... I like the grep idea. Duh. Can you tell I don't golf much? :-D Spiffy!

    Gary Blackburn
    Trained Killer