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Hi monks, I have a similar problem...I'm not sure how to use this package..moreover, I'm not sure if this package is actually right to meet my needs either.. Please have a look
package MyExceptions; use strict; use warnings; use Exception::Class ( 'MyExceptions', 'MyExceptions::RegionNotFound' => { isa => 'MyExceptions' }, 'MyExceptions::CommandNotExecuted' => { isa => 'MyExceptions' } ); 1;

Then I have another module to report the exceptions handled

package ReportGenerator; use strict; use warnings; sub CheckResult { my ( $result, $info ) = @_; #Here is want to check of $result and throw an exception of the kin +d MyExceptions::RegionNotFound->throw(error => 'bad number'); #how do I do it?? }

The user would script something like this

Could you throw some light on this please..I have no idea is this kind of exception handling is the right way either..

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Re^2: Exception::Class - how to use?
by Corion (Patriarch) on Apr 20, 2011 at 11:59 UTC

    See Using Perl Exception Class.

    It makes little sense to ask the same question in two locations, especially in a thread that is 5 years old.

      Yes Corion..was in fix to get this done and... i didn't notice that the thread was 5 years old.. cud finally figure out how to do this ...
      use Exception::Class ( 'MyExceptions::Test' => { fields => [qw{message}], } ); use Moose::Util::TypeConstraints; class_type 'MyExceptions::ExecutionTest'; no Moose::Util::TypeConstraints; 1;
      then to throw the exception
      MyExceptions::ExceptionTest->throw( message => $data )
      then the script has something like
      if ( my $ex = $@ ) { my $e; if ( $e = Exception::Class->caught('MyExceptions::ExecutionTest')) { print $e->message; } }
      Thanks for your help