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Asking for clarification is a challenge?
Don't understand me wrong. I like such challenges. I just wanted to give you some background why I am continuing this discussion, perhaps beyond what some would find reasonable. :)

A thread is a room, someone from the left says something, someone from the right says something, they're all wearing Anonymous Monk, when the thread ends, when they leave the room, you don't even know which side of the room they were standing in, much less whom they are, or what computer they posted from, they're still Anonymous Monk, faceless, nameless, anyone, any dog
You just confirmed my argument: branding the AM when inside a thread, takes away their "indistinguishableness" inside the thread. of course you still cannot link them to a physical person, but that is already a property all monks enjoy by virtue of having a "username" here (unless you use your *real* name as a username, which few, if any, do).

I hope I explained now clearly enough why "branding" takes away some of the anonimity (in my definition) of posting as an AM.


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