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I agree with pvaldes, it seems like you are not using at correctly. In fact, I'm surprised at is not returning an error immediately. I have tried three Unix flavors and get an error when I do not specify a time.

me@myaixbox:/home/me/sandbox $ at -f at: 0481-110 Command usage error; a parameter is missing. me@myaixbox:/home/me/sandbox $ uname AIX
me@mylinuxbox:~/sandbox $ at -f Garbled time me@mylinuxbox:~/sandbox $ uname Linux
userid@somebox:/tmp/tmp.66 # at -f bad time specification userid@somebox:/tmp/tmp.66 # uname HP-UX

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Re^2: system command is not working
by gulla (Initiate) on Dec 07, 2011 at 23:25 UTC
    Hello Friends, Thanks for your replies. In fact , the "at" command which I place in my reply earlier inlucdes the "now" at the end. I am sorry that it got merged with the sentense. The actual command in the script is "at -f now" Thanks, Gulla