things are getting our of hand here. people are cutting and pasting sizeable portions of code. code is in snippets, meditations.... some people want a golf section. CODE tags containing useful fragments are everywhere. manythings which could/should be on CPAN arent there. Some thoughts:

  • Create a well-defined relation to the CPAN and the Perl scripts archive. If you don't then we are implicitly saying that either they are not good enough or that centralization of needed software resources is a bad idea. Now I know that the well-meaning people here (myself included) don't think that, but we are spitting in their face and at the same time we are becoming another unrelated hard-to-search Perl code repository.
  • Find somewhere to upload this code in zip format. Document your code with pod
  • Make the code searchable
  • Listen closely to what Elaine Ashton has to say about CPAN and decide how Perlmonks' code bodies should relate to what she talks about.