Alright. This is supposed to be a somewhat informal browsing around of the general fetures of the system.

First, the general concept of Everything:

Nodes and Links

Everything is a node, that is, everything in this system is nodes. All of these nodes can be strung together with links, but we'll get to that later. Nodes have different nodetypes, which determines what information the Node contains, as well as how it is displayed to the user. Nodetypes are also nodes. Ah... recursion...

First, there was Nodetype

The first node in the system is "Nodetype" because we needed it to create new nodetypes from it. The page you are on right now is a superdoc. You can get a good idea of some of the other nodetypes by going to the Gigantic Node Lister...

Lemme go over some of the other types:

These are "templates" for viewing nodes. They have two associations: the node type, and the viewing mode. Right now you are viewing the tour in the superdoc display page, and back when I wrote this, I did so in the superdoc edit page. Display and edit are the two major types (display being the default) but there are a few other ones that become useful later on...

If you took a look at the superdoc display page, you noticed that it looked pretty simple. As a matter, there are three lines: