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I'm not sure what you mean.

that 2 WWars were started by Germany. This balances out in the long term.

And I also meant that "starting a war" is not a DNA thing and that both WWars started by Germany is not a "statistical pattern". It is merely economical circumstances coming together to a perfect storm, and Capitalism is known (for 100 years at least) to cause Imperialism which causes War and Slaves.

There's another factor to take into account: There was an uprisal in 1918 Germany (ok parts of it, R.Luxenburg's and K.Liebnecht's deaths anniversary this week) in the style of the Bolshevik revolution a year earlier. The Freikrops had a significant role in crashing it and SPD in using them. To me, Freikrops is the beginning of fascism in Germany. All these on economy grounds, nothing nationalist or "aggression-in-DNA" (latter is nonsence) etc. Freikrops brutality was a political choice of brainwashing people to violence, by the economy powers and their political puppets (SPD of all things!).

And another point to consider, in the original language debate: Capitalism will optimise language, like everything else, for profit. Some languages are simpler/easier than others. In school we learned that French were very strict with their language and did not borrow foreign words light-heartedly (one example teacher said was "Le Weekend") but now with this digital revolution, internets, YT where are they? Can they resist for long?

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Re^8: Help to have real Perl's advantage
by LanX (Sage) on Jan 12, 2022 at 11:14 UTC
    There is still a debate who or how WWI started.

    Germany around 1900 was like China today, it's economy was getting constantly stronger.

    If they started the war at that point, it wasn't very clever timing.

    I remember an American book "The coming war with Japan".

    Now it's s/Japan/China/

    Cheers Rolf
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      There was quite a bit of fear of Japan back in the… late ’80s? Certainly the ’90s. Japan was buying up a lot of US property, like China is now, and there were scare-mongering articles and news stories about it. I might have bought into it given enough time—the MSM does chip away at one—but finally read some level-headed analysis about it somewhere that explained two key reasons the whole thing was silly–

      • Both the Dutch and the English owned more of the US.
      • The Japanese were mostly just getting soaked by predatory realtors who exploited their naïveté.
        > Certainly the ’90s. Japan was buying up a lot of US property

        Wasn't there a scene in "Back To The Future 2" where old Marty has to slime to his furious Japanese boss? :)

        Cheers Rolf
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      Imperialism works both ways once Capitalism reaches high momentum. After this point and once the capitalist classes are created nothing stops them, whether economy expands or contracts. WWI economy was expanding, colonies, resources, markets were needed. WWII economy was contracting, interests still there though. They knew they could become big again. They pushed hitler to power. A very simpleminded analysis on my part.

        > They pushed hitler to power.

        That's the old Soviet narrative, Fascism == Capitalism on steroids.

        Mussolini invented "fascism", he came to power a decade prior to Hitler.

        Did you know that he used to be a high ranking socialist who turned against his comrades?

        Europe, especially Germany, was flooded with refugees from the Russian civil war after WWI. They brought plenty stories of "Bolshevik cruelties".

        The old establishment was radicalized to support those maniacs in order to "defend themselves".

        Cheers Rolf
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